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While our sourcing expertise spans diverse industrial sectors, in the apparel sector we do offer our own brands: Texere, TexereSilk, Biome, and Victrix.  Our brands cover a broad range of apparel in knitted and woven fabrics.  Texere products feature quality fabric with distinctive textures, silhouettes, and colors – contemporary innovation interpreted in a classic light – elegant yet simple and functional.

The finesse of our textile product line begins with high quality fabric.  The processes of dying, printing, and finishing subsequently also receive special attention.  The transformation from cloth to apparel then involves various manufacturing steps.  An exacting quality control process finally turns that finished piece of fabric into a product worthy of our brand label.  Whether our brands serve the midrange price-point or the higher-end, the attributes of quality and value are ubiquitous in all the products marketed under our brand names.

If you are an institutional buyer of any size or a small to mid-size chain of outlets, we invite you to discuss with us how our value proposition may be especially attractive to your organization’s procurement objectives.  Outstanding value in tandem with endearing quality is the motto behind our products in this category.

In a market as complex and disheveled as the textile bazaar – with an unfathomable proliferation of products and contestants – our products compete through an understanding of prevalent market contexts … thus finding niches for sustainable points of differentiation.  Sometimes the most sophisticated concepts may in fact be the simplest.


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