Azam Saeed

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azam_saeed “Despite all the pressures of a highly competitive environment, we still believe that the business arena provides the opportunity to practice Aristotelian virtues — courage, justice, magnanimity, temperance — and more.”

Azam Saeed is the President of New England Mercantile Group. Mr. Saeed has been driving revenue and business growth for start-ups, turnarounds and Fortune 100 companies, and his leadership background spans general management, marketing, business development and product management with extensive experience in building international partnerships within the Asian markets.

Azam launched New England Mercantile Group where he now serves as President. In this role, he established the culture of social responsibility which informs all the company’s business decisions.  Before this, Azam’s career experience includes positions with IBM, Warner-Lambert, Whirlpool, and Sprint.

Mr. Saeed’s career has been characterized by a passion for excellence and a refusal to give in when faced with complex challenges. He has built a proven record of business growth, cost reduction and productivity, and has done it all without compromising his core values.

Mr. Saeed has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington.  Besides English, Mr. Saeed speaks fluent Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, and is also familiar with Italian. He currently resides with his family in Farmington, Connecticut.

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